Couple Hope to Live Quiet Life In Amy Winehouse Home

The couple who are in their 50s hope to live a quiet life in the home of Amy Winehouse after they purchased the singers Camden home at a recent auction by auctioneers McHugh & Co.

The couple who did not wish to be publicly named told the Camden New Journal the home was purchased for residential purposes.

Couple Buy Amy Winehouse Home

The Camden New Journal reports:

Couple in their 50s hope to live ‘quiet life’ in former home of Amy Winehouse after buying property for £1.98million

A COUPLE in their 50s purchased the late singer Amy Winehouse’s home at auction on Monday.

The pair, who did not want to be publicly named, said they planned to use the townhouse in Camden Square, Camden Town, for residential purposes rather than for renting or development.

“We came with an eye to buy it as a home,” said one half of the couple, a woman with British citizenship who said she grew up in the United States, but has lived in London for “a considerable amount of time.”

Her partner is British, and the couple confirmed they had bought the property in joint names for £1.98million.

The four-bedroom, two-bathroom house complete with two cloakrooms, two washrooms, a reception, breakfast room, and sound-proofed family room, was sold by McHugh & Co estate agents and auctioneers at Bafta headquarters in Piccadilly.

“We don’t know what we’re going to do with the gym area yet,” the buyer said.

“We may convert it into something else; we’ll have to talk about that. It’s a beautiful house, we don’t know the area well yet. We have homes in other countries so it won’t be our only one but we will be there a lot of the time.”

The couple said they preferred not to disclose their jobs or if they would be living there with a family.

She told the New Journal: “I’m a bit surprised because we live a pretty quiet life, so we weren’t expecting any media attention.

“Maybe that was a little naïve, but it wasn’t on our mind when we came here this morning. We’re pretty used to auctions though, we didn’t want to pick up anything else, this was what we were looking at.

“We knew about the Amy Winehouse connection but we won’t personally be living a particularly high-profile life in the house – just a happy one, hopefully.”

Four bidders, including one telephone bidder, competed for around three minutes until the hammer fell. The house had originally been marketed through estate agents with a £2.7million price tag.

Earlier this year, Ms Winehouse’s father Mitch told the New Journal he would like to see a family buy the house and start their new life there.

Ms Winehouse, the award-winning voice behind hit albums Back To Black and Frank, was found dead at the house in July 2011. Despite beating drug addiction and tackling heavy drinking, she was five times over the drink-drive limit when she died.

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