Dionne Bromfield Tribute Song To Amy Winehouse

Dionne Bromfield has penned a tribute song to Amy Winehouse which is called Black Butterfly.

Black Butterfly Tribute Song

In a bid to feel closer to Amy, 17-year-old Dionne has travelled to the island of St Lucia to follow in Amy’s footsteps to help preserve her legacy and to get inspiration for her new album.

In this report from Express, Dionne tells the story of how a Black Butterfly flew in at Amy’s funeral and landed on Kelly Osbourne’s shoulder and it stayed there for the whole service.


AMY WINEHOUSE’s goddaughter DIONNE BROMFIELD has penned a moving tribute to the late soul star.

The Back To Black hitmaker was found dead at her London home on 23 July, 2011, and teen singer Bromfield, who was the last person to appear on stage alongside Winehouse, is determined to continue the singer’s musical legacy.

Bromfield has recorded a new track, named Black Butterfly, in honour of her godmother, and reveals she was inspired during Winehouse’s funeral service to pen the song – because a winged insect was perched on mourner Kelly Osbourne’s shoulder throughout the ceremony.

She tells the Sunday Mirror, “I want to continue Amy’s legacy. It’s an awful lot of pressure but it’s also a massive compliment to think that I can. I was the last person she was with on stage and automatically people felt like that was saying something…

“The song is called Black Butterfly. There was a black butterfly that flew in at Amy’s funeral and it landed on Kelly Osbourne’s shoulder. It stayed there for the whole service then flew out as soon as the service had finished. It’s probably the best song I’ve ever written and I was crying when I recorded it.”

Dionne Bromfield’s debut album, Introducing Dionne Bromfield, was released in 2009 by Amy Winehouse’s Lioness Record label. Dionne first came to public attention after performing on the British TV show, Strictly Come Dancing with Amy Winehouse on backing vocals.

Symbolism and Meaning of Black Butterfly

As far as lepidopterology (a scientific branch that studies butterflies and moths) is concerned; the black and deep colors of butterflies are a result of the melanin color pigments present in them. Melanin is the same pigment that accounts for different colors of human skin. However, since we are discussing the symbolic meaning of black butterflies, let’s get on with the topic.

Metamorphosis: In many cultures, it is believed that black butterflies are the symbol of transition, renewal or rebirth. It is also believed that black butterflies could be a symbol of rebirth of something or people. They are also symbolized for longevity and shift in the power. In short, black butterflies are supposed to be the sign of positive change in the present situation.

Death Warning: In various parts of the world including Central America, Philippines, China, black butterflies are considered as a symbol of death. Hence, according to these people, a black butterfly or moth in the house is the warning of death of a member of the house. They also appear in the house when someone in the house has already died.

Dead Souls: According to the fascinating (and a bit scary) lores of the land of the Celts or Ireland, black butterflies are nothing but souls of the deceased people. According to Irish people, when deceased people fail to discover their Afterlife, they turn into a black butterfly. Hence, these butterflies can enter the house or properties where they once belonged as a living soul.

Witch Camouflage: The infamous witches are also associated while explaining the meaning of a black butterfly. According to the folklores, witches transform themselves into black butterflies so that nobody can recognizes them while stealing various foods that they need to eat! This is especially evident with reference to black butterflies or moths that appear in or around the houses at night.

Fire Goddess: According to Aztec mythology, Obsidian Butterfly or Itzpapalotl was the warrior goddess of fire and infant mortality. In historic documents, Itzpapalotl is associated with moths, deer and black butterfly. She is described as the star demon who devours people during solar eclipse. According to iconography, she camouflages in the forms of various creatures and insects so as to stay unrecognizable.

Positive Symbolism: No matter whether you believe in the black butterfly symbolism or don’t; you can still take out a few positive meanings from the aforementioned butterfly symbolism. At least that is what most of the people do while getting butterfly tattoos. You see, in most of the stories, black butterfly is associated with change, transition, freedom and rebirth. It is symbolized as death – assume it as the death of all the bad things and misfortunes!

Symbolism and Meaning of Black Butterfly is written by Rutuja Jathar.

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