Portrait Of Amy Winehouse

Retired cheese make Brian Mayes has painted a portrait of Amy Winehouse.

With more time on his hands, Mr Mayes who retired in 2003 painted a portrait of Amy Winehouse after the shock of her death in 2011.

As reported in This is Somerset, Mr Mayes is chasing Amy Winehouse’s family in order to present them with his portrait of Amy Winehouse.

Below is the Portrait Of Amy Winehouse painted by Brian Mayes.

Chasing Amy’s family to give them painting

A retired cheese maker is trying to contact the family of singer Amy Winehouse in order to present a portrait he painted after her untimely death.

Brian Mayes, 73, of Montacute, usually paints rural scenes but said he was moved to paint the star following her tragic death in July last year.

Brian Mayes of Montacute pictured with his painting he was inspired to create following Amy Winehouse’s death Picture: Laura Jones.

Mr Mayes said: “Like everyone else, it came as a bit of a shock when I heard about this young girl dying.

“I wasn’t an especially big fan of her music but I was sad for her parents.

“My wife Ann really likes Amy Winehouse’s music and her style of blues singing.

“After her death, I thought I’d paint her as I thought I could give the painting to her family for free.”

Mr Mayes has contacted the singer’s former agent to see if the family would like the paintings and he is waiting to hear back.

He loved to draw at school but after he was married, his busy family life meant he did not take up art again until he retired in 2003.

Mr Mayes said: “After I retired I had plenty of time on my hands so I picked up the brush again.

Mr Mayes said: “I’ve got hundreds of paintings of all sorts of things like motorbikes, ships and planes.”

Hopefully Mr Mayes will not have to wait long to hear back from Amy’s former agent. Then his portrait of Amy Winehouse can be given to Amy Winehouse’s family, to be either kept or possibly sold to raise money for the Amy Winehouse Foundation charity set up by her family.

Amy Winehouse Forever says… BRAVO to Brian Mayes!

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