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This page lists the loves, boyfriends and relationships of Amy Winehouse.

“I believe you only get to be in love once” – Amy Winehouse

Frank AlbumChris Taylor

Chris Taylor was a journalist who Amy met in her part-time job with (WENN) World Entertainment News Network.

It is believed Amy wrote the songs for her debut Frank album about her relationship with Chris Taylor.

To his credit, Chris Taylor has not spoken publicly about his relationship with Amy Winehouse.

Tyler James And Amy WinehouseTyler James

Tyler James first met Amy at theatre school when he was 13.

Tyler and Amy were in a relationship in 2000 and remained close friends until her death in 2011. It was Tyler who sent a demo tape of Amy singing to his A&R which was to be the beginning of her stellar musical career and a recording contract with Island Records.

Tyler appeared on the TV series The Voice in 2012 and has since released his second album A Place I Go.

This video is Tyler James talking about his friend Amy Winehouse and his full blind audition on The Voice in 2012

George Roberts And Amy WinehouseGeorge Roberts

Not a lot is known nor has there been a lot of media about Amy’s one time boyfriend George Roberts.

George Roberts reportedly worked within the music industry for a London music management company and in 2005 was photographed with Amy on the backseat of a car following the Brit Awards after party.

Alex Clare And Amy WinehouseAlex Clare

British singer-songwriter, Alexander George Clare better known as Alex Clare first met Amy at one of her favourite pubs The Hawley Arms in Camden, North London where he worked and performed.

Alex Clare dated Amy for a year before Amy reconciled with Blake Fielder-Civil.

Alex and Amy remained on good terms during the years after their romance.

Pete Doherty And Amy WinehousePete Doherty

Peter “Pete” Doherty, frontman for The Libertines and member of indie band Baby Shambles was a friend of Amy’s and in 2012, Pete Doherty told the Daily Mail newspaper “This is difficult for me to admit. But, yes, it’s true. Amy and I were lovers. I loved her then and, well, I still do today. But towards the end, as only lovers can, she became quite mean and cruel to me. She didn’t suffer fools… and believe me, she had a mean right hook.”

Pete Doherty wrote a slow and melodic song for Amy titled Flags From The Old Regime which he performs live at the Brixton Academy on September 23, 2011 on the video below…

Josh Bowman And Amy WinehouseJosh Bowman

Known for his role in the American television soap opera Revenge, English film and television actor Josh Bowman had a brief relationship with Amy Winehouse in 2009.

While holidaying on the Caribbean island St Lucia, Josh and Amy met and struck up a close friendship.

Josh Bowman was quoted as saying: “She’s just a cool girl, very nice, and we’re just very friendly. She’s a good laugh – she is such a lovely girl and on great form.

Kristian Marr And Amy WinehouseKristian Marr

Kristian Marr singer, songwriter and guitarist in the band Spring Heeled Jack received a text from Amy on the day of her death which read: ‘I’m gonna be here always xx BUT ARE YOU OK? xxx’

Kristian told the Daily Mail in an interview: “I wrote another song on the album, about Amy, called She Cries Real Tears. She had said to me on the phone once, “By the way, you’re the only person that makes me cry real tears.” “The first time I played it to her she cried.”

The video below is She Cries Real Tears by Spring Heeled Jack…

Alex Haines And Amy WinehouseAlex Haines

Alex Haines had an affair with Amy while her husband Blake Fielder-Civil was incarcerated.

Alex Haines went on to reveal to News Of The World graphic details of his affair with Amy, her alleged self-harming, sex and drug addictions.

Out of respect for Amy those affair details will not be included in this story.

Blake Fielder-Civil And Amy WinehouseBlake Fielder-Civil

Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse met at a bar in Camden in 2005. They dated till they were married in Miami, US on 18 May, 2007 with only a court clerk to officiate. During their relationship and marriage there were happy times, public displays of affection, fights, break-ups, arrests, prison stays, drugs and alcohol abuse.

The songs on Amy’s 2006 Back To Black album are about her tumultuous relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil, including; “Some Unholy War” and “Back To Black.”

Amy told Rolling Stone Magazine in 2007: “All the songs are about the state of my relationship at the time with Blake. I had never felt the way I feel about him about anyone in my life. It was very cathartic, because I felt terrible about the way we treated each other. I thought we’d never see each other again. He laughs about it now. He’s like, ‘What do you mean; you thought we’d never see each other again? We love each other. We’ve always loved each other. But I don’t think it’s funny. I wanted to die.”

With pressure from both their parents to split up, Amy and Blake’s divorce was granted on 16 July, 2009 and became final on 28 August, 2009. Blake received no money from their divorce settlement.

You can watch Blake’s interview on the Jeremy Kyle Show Married To Amy Winehouse Interview here.

Reg Traviss And Amy WinehouseReg Traviss

Son of a London publican born and film director with several movies to his credit, Reg Traviss met Amy in 2009 and dated Amy from 2010 until her death in 2011.

Amy said of Reg “I’ve got a very nice boyfriend. He’s very good to me.” Mitch Winehouse also wrote in his book Amy My Daughter that Reg and Amy had planned to marry and intended to have children.

On 10 December 2012, Reg Traviss appeared at Southwark Crown Court accused of rape. On 13 December 2012, Reg Traviss was found not guilty after it was proven in court that the woman had lied about the rape.

Reg Traviss’s former girlfriend Raven Isis told tabloid News Of The World that the helmer is with Amy only to get publicity for his movie.

“Amy needs to know she is being used by him. We were madly in love and he threw it all away to be with her just because she’s famous,” Raven insisted. “And he doesn’t even like brunettes – especially with fake boobs and a rubbish fake tan.”

25-year-old Raven further claimed that Reg was not as nice as Amy thought he was, stating “He’s not the Mr Nice Guy Amy and her family think he is. In fact, he’s calculating and knows exactly that her fame will raise his own profile.”

This video is Reg Traviss talking about Amy Winehouse…

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