How To Tie And Wear A Head Scarf Like Amy Winehouse

Are you looking for easy, fun and cute ways to tie and wear a head scarf like Amy Winehouse?

Here you’ll find pictures of Amy wearing a scarf. Videos of how to tie a scarf, how to wear different styles of head scarves and where to buy scarves… just like Amy wore.

How To Tie And Wear A Scarf Like Amy Winehouse

Scarves Are A Timeless Fashion Accessory

Scarves have been, and still worn by celebrities including; Lana Del Ray, Lady Gaga, Erykah Badu, Rihanna and movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

You can wear a scarf for a fresh and different look as head scarves are an easy way to jazz up your outfit or to simple save you from a bad hair day.

Amy Winehouse Head Scarves

Like Amy’s scarf style above, this 1 minute, 30 second tutorial video below will show you how to easily create your own Amy look.

Scarf Bun And Swoop Tutorial Video

As the pictures below show, Amy also wore her head scarf tied in a large side bow.

Amy Winehouse Scarf

After watching many videos… this was one of the better tutorial videos that shows you 2 ways to tie a scarf into a bow

Headscarf Bow Tutorial Video

WARNING: The background music on this video is rather LOUD!

Four Ways To Wear Head Scarves Tutorial Video

This 6 minute video tutorial will show you four different ways to tie and wear your head scarves.

Amy Winehouse Fashion

Amy Winehouse’s fashion influence was undeniable. From her love of 50’s and 60’s clothing to her collaboration with British designer Fred Perry, Amy’s fashion, shoes, make-up, hair and tattoos, like her music, will leave a long lasting legacy for generations to come.

Amy Winehouse Fashion

Where To Buy Head Scarves

Amazon has a great selection of scarves to buy so you can wear a scarf just like Amy. Click on any scarf image below to go to the scarf listing at Amazon.


You can also buy a variety of Amy Winehouse inspired scarves from eBay. Click on any individual image below to go to the eBay store where you can shop for scarves safely and securely.

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