Back To Black For Beyonce

Back To Black for Beyonce as Mitch Winehouse makes Beyonce pay for recording his daughter’s song Back To Black for The Great Gatsby film soundtrack.

The Great Gatsby Film

Not only does Beyonce have to pay ‘a lot’ for recording Amy Winehouse’s hit song Back To Black but Mitch Winehouse has ‘stuck the knife in first’ by adding he was left unimpressed by Beyonce’s version of Back To Black.

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MoS Diary: Beyonce’s Back to Black? She’ll pay for that, says Amy Winehouse’s father

Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch has been left unimpressed by the version of her song Back To Black recorded by Beyoncé, left, for new film The Great Gatsby.

‘I don’t think she brings anything to it,’ he said, adding: ‘I wasn’t asked for my permission if they could record it.’

He has now agreed to its use, but said: ‘They have got to pay for the privilege, which is what they are doing. I can’t tell you how much it is but it’s a lot of money.’

Mitch has been working on a follow-up to the hit album Lioness: Hidden Treasures, which was released after Amy’s untimely death at 27 in 2011.

The album will feature some of Amy’s very early work and profits will go towards the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity set up to help youngsters with addiction problems.

‘There is some stuff from when she was younger and we’re negotiating with people about that,’ Mitch told me at the Asian Awards.

The new collection is expected to be released via Island Records with some input from producer Mark Ronson, who worked with Amy.

You can listen to Beyonce covering Back To Black for The Great Gatsby film here.

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