Amy Winehouse Audio Interview On Southern FM Sussex

This is a pre-recorded Amy Winehouse audio interview with Gavin from Late and Live on Southern FM in Sussex.

The audio interview took place at Capital Radio Studios in London on Thursday, 13th November 2003.

In this audio interview with Gavin from Southern FM, Amy explains the story behind her Frank album single Fuck Me Pumps.

Amy explains that the Fuck Me Pumps lyrics are about the kind of girls you see when you go out with their Gucci handbags with no money in it but their phones. It’s not about girls Amy knows, it’s a fun little jab at girls who think their lives with be validated if they get married to a rich man.

Amy also takes “The Knowledge Quiz” with the subject being how to get around London, as Amy’s Dad Mitch is a London taxi driver. Amy fails Gavin’s “The Knowledge Quiz” because she doesn’t drive, but Amy goes on to answer this question.

If you had a house full of wine what would it be? What wine would Amy Winehouse have in her house? Amy said she would have Grenashe white rose wine because it’s Pink and she is a girl.

You can listen to the complete audio interview with Gavin from Southern FM and Amy Winehouse here by clicking the Play button below.

Amy, My Daughter

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