Amy Winehouse Immortalized By Sculptor Linda Joyce

Amy Winehouse is being immortalized in bronze by sculptor Linda Joyce live at the largest Art Exhibition in Bournemouth Dorset UK.

Visitors to the BIC (Bournemouth International Centre) can watch Linda sculpt the first of a limited edition bronze bust of the late and talented jazz singer Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse Sculpture
Linda Joyce Bournemouth International Centre

About Linda Joyce

Linda Joyce
Linda Joyce
Linda Joyce is a self taught sculptor with over 30 years experience. Linda sculpts commission portraits of any scale in bronze, marble, resin and ceramic.

Linda’s specialties include; portraiture, movement, water sculptures and dancers.

Linda has taught sculpting in the UK, Dubai, New Zealand and Spain and her work has been exhibited in the UK, sold in Harrods and many other galleries.

Linda also offers sculpture classes, workshops and tuition at her Bournermouth, Dorset sculpting tuition studio.

The First Edition Bronze Sculpture To Be Donated To Amy’s Charity

There will be 12 rare and unique bronzed busts sculpted by Linda with the first edition being donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. A charity set-up by Amy’s family after her sudden passing in July 2011.

The Foundation works to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on young people.

Linda will also donate a percentage of the sale of each sculpture to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Amy Winehouse Foundation
Amy Winehouse Foundation

Why Are The Amy Winehouse Bronze Busts Unique

Linda’s bronze busts of Amy Winehouse are unique because they are not copied from a photograph and are individually styled.

The busts are designed with a flat back to hang on a wall or to stand on a shelf against a wall in any commercial or residential property.

Amy Winehouse Bronze Sculpture
Amy Winehouse Sculpture

Why Linda Immortalized Amy Winehouse In Bronze

“I love Amy’s unique voice. I think she was beautiful with a very interesting face and it’s a crying shame that such a talent should be extinguished just as she was getting started. Now we will never experience Amy’s full potential.” – Linda Joyce

How To Contact Linda

If you interested in buying one of the limited edition bronzed Amy Winehouse sculptures. You can contact Linda through her Facebook page or email Linda at [email protected] dot com for more information with the price of each sculpture on application.

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