Rapper Olasemo Abiola Frownz Tribute Track Alive Or Dead

Rapper Olasemo Abiola, has released a tribute track to Amy Winehouse.

Olasemo Abiola who performs under the name Frownz wrote the Rap song “Alive or Dead” in loving memory of his friend Amy after a chance meeting with Amy on Chalk Farm Road in September, 2010.

Rapper who Amy Winehouse discovered releases tribute track

IT was just an ordinary day in the life of an aspiring young rapper – but one that would change his life forever.

Olasemo Abiola, who performs under the name Frownz, bumped into Amy Winehouse on his way for a haircut in Chalk Farm Road in September 2010.

Olasemo Frownz Abiola And Amy Winehouse

The chance encounter kick-started a fairytale sequence of events that saw the world famous, award-winning singer take the young Quintin Kynaston School pupil under her wing until her death the following July.

This week, coinciding with what would have been Ms Winehouse’s 30th birthday on Saturday, Frownz is releasing his first major track, Alive or Dead, written in memory of his singer.

The 20-year-old told the New Journal: “We first met when I was 16 on my way to the barber shop.

“It was then she told me of how she had heard about my music from a friend of hers.

“This led to her inviting me to her house to talk. As we began talking, she then said: ‘I’ve heard enough – I want to put you out.’ She then called her manager Raye Cosbert and I called mine.”

Mr Abiola said Ms Winehouse financed his artistic development and recording time in her studios in Kentish Town for eight months.

“Throughout the period she would call me, and I would call her,” he said. “She would advise me and generally banter whenever she was around.”

He was due to release his album on her Lioness record label, a dream that was cruelly cut short following her death in her Camden Square home.

Alive or Dead is shot around NW1 and features the Ampthill Estate in Mornington Crescent and Camden Town backstreets. The video has been watched 18,000 times since it was posted up on YouTube last month.

In it, Frownz sings: “RIP Amy I know you are in the sky. When I heard the news I tried not to cry.

Tears kept falling from my eyes. But while you sleep your music is going to rise.”

Mr Abiola is the youngest child of chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, who was elected president of Nigeria in 1993 only to be thrown in jail by the regime. He got his artist name because his eyebrows used to give him a frowning look.

He said: “The purpose of the tribute is to remember a great musician and a good friend, while also raise awareness and money for groups that seek to tackle drink and drug issues in relation to young people – this being the main positive I can see being taken from what happened to Amy, the possibility that such occurrences can be prevented in future.”

He added: “Amy was such a humble and genuine person. I remember telling her how proud of her I was about all that she had achieved.

“She just replied: ‘What have I achieved? Forget about me, next year is all about you’.”

Proceeds from Alive or Dead are going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation and other charities.

Thanks to the Camden New Journal for the report.

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