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In this Dionne Bromfield interview with Entertainmentwise, Dionne talks about listening to unheard Amy Winehouse tracks from an archive of material which she hopes will be released.

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‘She’s Out Of This World!’: Dionne Bromfield Thinks More Unheard Amy Winehouse Tracks Should Be Released

The star has heard a couple of the tracks herself

Dionne Bromfield has listened to unheard Amy Winehouse tracks from an archive of material which she hopes will be released, as she claims the late singer is “out of this world.” The 17-year-old is positive fans would want to hear the collection of tracks that the ‘Rehab’ singer had made prior to her death as a result of alcohol intoxication in 2011.

She told EntertainmentWise: “I’ve heard a few [songs], obviously there was the Hidden Treasures album that came out last year and I thought was absolutely amazing as well. I mean when you’ve got an incredible voice and such amazing writing skills, you want people to hear it.”

Dionne also admitted that it took her four months to listen to Beyonce’s cover of “Back To Black” which featured in Baz Luhrmann’s film adaption of the classic novel “The Great Gatsbay” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The brunette beauty claims the “Single Ladies” singer’s version was “cool” but a far sexier take on it than Amy’s 2006 hit.

“I heard about it and took me about four months to actually listen to it. Everyone was like ‘have you heard it?’ and I was actually so behind and then I saw the film. It was good, she did make it very sultry and very sexy, so it was a different take on it, but it was cool.” Dionne explained to Entertainmentwise presenter Georgie Barrat.

She added: “I think if Beyonce wanted to cover one of my tracks I wouldn’t say no, so it is what it is.”

Dionne also claims she is in no rush to record her own cover of her Godmother’s treasured material as it remains best untouched.

“I did do a MOBO’s tribute to her, but you can’t touch that stuff, you really can’t – and I think it’s best to keep it that way and have her stuff as it is,” she concluded.

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