Amy Winehouse Bronzed Sculpture By Linda Joyce

UK based sculptor Linda Joyce has broken new ground with her first Amy Winehouse Bronzed sculpture.

Linda has introduced 3 colours instead of the normal patina — (a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period) to her much anticipated Amy Winehouse sculpture.

Amy Winehouse Bronzed Sculpture By Linda Joyce

Linda has added some quaint features to her completed sculpture like:

The Rose in Amy’s hair is removable so a real Rose can be added. Amy’s eyes are Moonstones and Amy’s 2 heart tattoo has 22 Garnets.

Amy’s dad Mitch Winehouse was said to be thrilled with Linda’s sculpture and has invited Linda to a Ball this month, where Linda’s amazing Amy Winehouse Bronze sculpture will be auctioned with proceeds donated to Amy’s charity.

Linda Joyce And Janis Winehouse

Before Linda’s sculpture of Amy was bronzed, Amy’s mum Janis visited Linda to see first hand her sculpture of Amy.

You can read Amy Winehouse Immortalized By Sculptor Linda Joyce blog post to see Linda creating her first in a series of Amy sculptures.

You can also connect with Linda Joyce on her Sculpture At Linda’s Studios Facebook page.

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