Magical Amy Winehouse Painting By Kyp Edwards

A magical Amy Winehouse painting by disabled artist Kyp Edwards has impressed Mitch Winehouse. So much so that Mitch has asked Kyp Edwards if he can use the painting of his daughter Amy in a collection for her charity the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Mitch Winehouse announced on Twitter that Amy’s charity is putting together an art exhibition from all of Amy’s fans paintings. Mitch has tweeted for artists to contribute.

Mitch Winehouse Twitter Amy art collection

Kyp Edwards PaintingOn the right is the Amy Winehouse painting by Kyp Edwards, who hopes to paint 20 pieces so that he can hold his own exhibition, and become a well-known painter.

Painting of Amy Winehouse helping to put artist in frame

A DISABLED artist’s painting of the late singer Amy Winehouse impressed her dad so much that he asked to use it in a collection for the charity in her name.

Father of one Kyp Edwards was forced to quit his job as a training executive three years ago when his health began deteriorating.

He decided to paint again in his spare time, but only manages sessions of around 20 minutes before he gets too tired.

Amongst his work is the painting of the world-famous singer, who battled with drug addiction and died of alcohol poisoning in July last year.

He finally plucked up the courage to e-mail his portrait of Amy Winehouse to her dad Mitch on Twitter, and was amazed by his response on February 11.

“Mitch was telling me how much he loved my work,” said Kyp, 33, of Gilbert Way, Braintree.

“I was happy to donate my painting to the Amy Winehouse Foundation knowing how many people it could potentially benefit.

Mitch is one of my friends now, he actually follows me on Twitter, which is quite surreal considering who he is and what has happened to him of late.

I actually painted Amy before her sad death last year, because I loved her music.

You cannot get a bigger compliment than having Mitch love my painting of Amy, because it is her father.”

Kyp went to Art College in Tunbridge Wells but dropped out and left home because he wanted to start working to earn money.

He has lived in Braintree for 14 years with partner Julia Tame, 25, and baby girl Maisie Edwards, one.

Kyp is registered as disabled and suffers with stomach and other illnesses for which he requires regular medication.

And within the three years he has spent at home he has painted pieces including Marilyn Monroe and the Duchess of Cambridge along with a couple of members of his family.

Kyp said: “I spend a lot of time indoors because I cannot go out.

When I am feeling well enough and have taken enough medication, I paint and draw.

I started putting my pictures on the web, and then it seemed to work because Mitch did get in touch.”

Kyp promised Julia he would paint 20 pieces so that he could hold an exhibition, and become a well-known painter.

“I have always had this goal, but my wife told me that my dream will never happen if I keep giving my work away,” said Kyp.

“I know this, but I thought one painting for a charity would be good to raise money, but also I know it will hopefully get my name out there.”

Painting of Amy Winehouse helping to put artist in frame is reported by thisistotalessex.

This magical Amy Winehouse painting by Kyp Edwards will hopefully be one of many works of art donated to raise money for the charity set up in Amy Winehouse’s honour to help young people in need by reason of ill health, disability, financial disadvantage or addiction.

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