Christelle Bilodeau Pencil Portrait Art

Canadian portrait artist Christelle Bilodeau latest piece of pencil art is a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Christelle Bilodeau Amy Winehouse Pencil Portrait Art
Amy Winehouse Art By: Christelle Bilodeau

Using graphite pencils and 70 hours of creativity, Christelle has created her portrait of Amy Winehouse on 18 X 24 inch paper with Amy’s portrait being Christelle’s largest to date.

It’s not framed as yet or on the market so to speak, but it could be if you can convince Christelle to let it go because it’s one of those special pieces of art.

Christelle’s pencil portraits are inspired by rock music from the 60’s, 70’s, Indie Rock, New York City, and Andy Warhol. Other pencil portraits drawn by Christelle include: Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Vera Wang and Annie Leibovitz.

Pencil portraits by artist Christelle Bilodeau
Pencil Portrait Art By: Christelle Bilodeau

Get in touch with Christelle Bilodeau for your commissioned pencil portrait or to talk to Christelle about why this pencil portrait of Amy Winehouse would look so good on a wall at your house.

Artist Christelle Bilodeau
Christelle Bilodeau
Here’s where to get in touch with Christelle Bilodeau:


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