Amy Winehouse Street Art By Laurent Jacquet

Amy Winehouse street art captured by Street Art 360’s Laurent Jacquet.

After discovering a stencil on a wall in Vitry sur Seine in France by French street artist C215 seven years ago. Today Scotland’s street art blogger and photographer Laurent Jacquet walks the streets of our cities with camera in hand in search of new urban street art.

Laurent says since that day; “I no longer look at the walls of our cities in the same way. Today, the cities without soul become one after the other open-air museums.”

From his first encounter with street art, Laurent has captured colourful and poetic drawings from street artists who have also paid tribute to the late great Amy Winehouse.

Here are the artist’s tributes to Amy Winehouse captured by Laurent Jacquet.

Judith de Leeuw (JDL Street Art Facebook): Amy Winehouse in Amsterdam

Amy Winehouse art by Judith de Leeuw

Akse P19

Amy Winehouse art by Akse P19

Captain Kris Facebook in collaboration with Amara Por Dios

Amy tribute art by Captain Kris


C215 Amy Winehouse art

C215 About

Amy tribute art by C215

Otto Schade: Amy Winehouse mural

Otto Schade Amy Winehouse mural

BTOY Facebook

Amy Winehouse art by BTOY

Eduardo Kobra

Amy tribute art by muralist Eduardo Kobra

Miss Bugs

Miss Bugs Amy Winehouse art

Miss Bugs

Amy Winehouse art by Miss Bugs

Jimmy Franck: (James Cochran) Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Amy Winehouse art by Jimmy Franck

Pegasus: Caledonian Road

Pegasus Amy Winehouse art Caledonian Road

Pegasus: The Earl of Camden Pub

The Earl of Camden Pub Amy Winehouse art by Pegasus

Pegasus: Earl of Camden Pub collage

Earl of Camden Pub Amy collage by Pegasus

Anyes Galleani

Amy Winehouse tribute art by Anyes Galleani


Amy tribute art by Dangerstorm

RAF Urban Facebook

Amy art by RAF Urban

Bambi Wikipedia

Amy Winehouse Graffiti by Bambi

Bambi Graffiti Facebook

Amy graffiti in Camden by Bambi

Miss Me

Amy art by Miss Me

Don Small: Golborne Road, Notting Hill

Don small Amy Winehouse art

Amy Winehouse: Belgrade street art

Amy Winehouse street art in Belgrade

Amy Winehouse Barcelona street art: Photo by Anita Breland

Anita Breland photo Barcelona street art

Amy Winehouse mural: Camden Town, London

Amy Winehouse mural Camden London

São Paulo artist Luis Bueno

Amy street art by Luis Bueno

You can see more of Laurent Jacquet’s street art discoveries on his Street Art 360 website.

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