Amy Winehouse Planned To Cover Her Blake Tattoo

Amy Winehouse planned to cover her Blake tattoo by celebrity tattoo artist Henry Hate.

Amy Winehouse Blake Tattoo

After her divorce from Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy was in talks with London tattooist Henry Hate to alter her Blake tattoo.

Henry Hate was a friend of Amy’s who also owns Prick Tattoo located at 386 Old Street, London, United Kingdom.

Amy Winehouse plans to cover Blake tattoo reported by the Telegraph

Amy Winehouse has been making plans to cover up her the tattoo of her former husband’s name, her long-time tattooist has claimed.

The Rehab singer, who divorced Blake Fielder-Civil last July, has the word ‘Blake’s’ and a pocket design inked above her heart.

Now celebrity tattoo artist Henry Hate revealed the singer has been in talks with him for several months about covering it up with a new design.

Hate said Winehouse was not emotional about removing her ex-husband’s name. He said: “I wouldn’t say she’s flippant about it but she was the one that brought up the issue of the tattoo and I didn’t ask her what her reasons were.”

“I imagined they’re the obvious reasons, that she wanted some sort of closure and to move on. She was just like ‘It needs to go.”

Winehouse has discussed plans to cover the tattoo, which she had done by another tattooist a month after she first started dating Fielder-Civil in 2005, with a stole design in the form of either a leopard, a lioness or a palomita (dove).

Hate said she came in to discuss the idea last year, but added: “I imagine it had been brewing for some time.She was thinking of covering it with a stole, the ideas were swimming in her head so I drew some sketches for her to have a look at.”

Hate dismissed reports Winehouse had been planning to have the tattoo removed with laser surgery.

He said: “She wanted it covered but I said it would take time because of the technicalities of covering something like that, with any lettering or words.
She didn’t want a flower, she was adamant about that. She wanted something that would take it away and then maybe bleed into a shawl and wrap around her shoulders.” That was her suggestion.

“She’s very direct on what she wants so I just give suggestions and she says ‘Yes, I like this. No, I don’t like that.” I just give her what she wants.

Hate, who owns London tattoo parlour Prick, said it would take 12 to 13 hours to carry out the design Winehouse had in mind, but he is never sure when her next appointment will be.

He said: “She’s better now. When she comes in I normally get a text message from her. Or she comes in when the clients align together perfectly and I just happen to be free. Or she’ll let me know ‘I’m coming, can you fit me in today?’

She’s a very genuine person and she’s a lovely girl. I don’t have a bad word to say about her.”

Meanwhile, Hate – whose other celebrity clients include Alexander McQueen, Pete Doherty, Paul Thomson of Franz Ferdinand and Preston of The Ordinary Boys – is set to create what is claimed to be the world’s first ice tattoo next month.

He will tattoo a giant block of ice, with a Nissan Cube car frozen inside, using Japanese Samurai chisels – the traditional method of tattooing used in the Far East – to etch his design.

While his other designs are more permanent, this tattoo will melt away within about three days.

Hate said: “There are a lot of people who have the perception that you get a tattoo and you always remember but I think it’s the vision as well as the process of creating it with your artist. There are times when you actually forget it is actually on you.

Once it’s out there I have to let it go and the visual will still burn a memory on to the people who see it. It will still keep going.

Ultimately, it’s to just change the direction of the perception of what an actual tattoo is. Just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the work and meticulous time it takes to create one.”

Hate’s creation is set to be unveiled on London’s South Bank to mark the launch of the Nissan Cube on February 9 at 9am.

Even if Amy Winehouse planned to cover her Blake tattoo, there was no denying her love for Blake Fielder-Civil.

Blake Fielder Civil And Amy Winehouse

“I’ll always love Blake, but he just doesn’t have access to my head anymore. He will always have my heart. Everyone that I love will always have a piece of my heart, but no one can make a mess in my head again. I believe that you only get to be in real love once.” ~ Amy Winehouse.

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