Amy Winehouse Using Facebook As Her Cat Shirley

The Sun reported in August 2009 that Amy Winehouse was using Facebook as her cat Shirley.

Amy was using a Facebook profile as her cat Shirley to talk with her estranged husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

The Facebook account of Shirley Baxter has sinced been closed by Facebook after Amy’s death.

AMY WINEHOUSE has set up a Facebook profile pretending to be her cat as a way of keeping in secret contact with BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL.

Wino finally divorced the waster jailbird last month but has engineered a novel way to get in touch with him online.

Shirley and Amy Winehouse PictureShe has created a profile for her pet pussy Shirley and is using it to post messages to Blake at his remote Yorkshire rehab centre.

How she gets round the relationship between her cat and her mouse, I have no idea. But as you can imagine, the kitty comments are drifting from the sickly sweet to seriously odd.

Given Blake’s pickled mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if he genuinely thinks he is communicating with a cat online.

One of “Shirley’s” rambling posts reads: “Oi mummy was saying to her friend about th time she made you breakfast an you drank all th nesquik til you was sick xxxxxxx.”

Another says: “Sailor sort it you’re her co-hort. consort still. as you both know you’re unswerving. just as much as you’re deserving.”

At time of going to press, the cat’s status was that she loves “sailor” — one of Amy’s nicknames for Blake.

Sadly — and only in the messed up world of Amy and Blake would this be possible — her tactics to lure him back are working.

When Blake first set up his account, he listed himself as single.

A short while later he changed his relationship status to “It’s complicated”.
Now, after a few days of cat conversation, Blake has switched his status firmly back to “Married”.

He also accepted a friend request from Amy’s real-life profile.

It’s bad news, this.

Amy’s heroin and cocaine habits are down to Blake.

As he told The Sun last month, she almost died in his arms during a three-day drug bender.

The last thing she needs in her life is Blake. She is finally getting herself back on track, with a comeback just around the corner.

Blake is where he needs to be — in the Sheffield countryside getting clean and enjoying the great outdoors by frolicking with farmyard animals.

I wonder if he met any of them on Faceache?

Amy Winehouse using Facebook as her cat Shirley allowed her to secretly communicate with Blake, but it also gave her the chance to talk with her real life friends. It was also reported that Dionne Bromfield and Mark Ronson had also left messages on this profile page. The Shirley Baxter account was usually a picture of Amy or sometimes one of Shirley.

The picture below is a friend of Amy’s and Reg Traviss with Shirley. Image source:

Amy Winehouse and Reg Traviss Friend With Shirley

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