Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Amy Winehouse had 14 known tattoos. Her tattoos were “old school” in flavour, colour and style. Although, Amy’s tattoos were more like skin art from the 1950s or 1960s era.

This is Amy’s tattoo story in pictures…

Amy Tattoo Story

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So which tattoos did Amy Winehouse have?

Amy had a tattoo over her heart that read “Blake” — which is the name of her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil. Amy’s Blake tattoo also included a pocket under Blake’s name. After Amy and Blakes divorce, Amy was reportedly shopping for a tattoo removal services to get Blake’s tattoo removed or covered.

In his memoir “Amy My Daughter,” Mitch Winehouse writes: “It occurred to me recently that one of the biggest-selling U.K. albums of the twenty-first century so far (Back To Black) is all about the biggest low-life scum-bag that God ever put breath into. Quite ironic, isn’t it?”

Amy Winehouse Blake Tattoo

On her left arm Amy had 4 tattoos.

At the top of Amy’s left arm is a tattoo with the words Daddy’s Girl and a horseshoe.

Amy Winehouse Daddy's Girl Tattoo

Under her Daddy’s Girl tattoo, Amy had a tattoo of a topless pin-up girl. When Amy performed on the Grammys in February 2008, producers asked Amy to cover up her revealing ink. But rather than overdress for the occasion. Amy drew a bra on her pin-up girl tattoo.

Amy Winehouse Topless Pin-up Girl Tattoo

On her left inside forearm, Amy had a tattoo of a Native American feather. This feather tattoo was one of Amy’s first.

In an interview Amy explained that her Native American Indian feather tattoo symbolised courage and bravery.

Amy Winehouse Feather Tattoo

On her right arm Amy had 5 tattoos.

Amy had a tattoo on the top of her right arm of a woman with the name Cynthia. Cynthia was the name of Amy’s beloved grandmother. Amy’s mum Janis never earned a tattoo of her own. Janis Winehouse was quoted as saying; “When Amy got her Daddy’s Girl tattoo, she asked me, ‘Do you want me to get mummy tattooed, too?’ I said, ‘No, don’t worry. That’s not my thing.”

Amy Winehouse Cynthia Tattoo

2 hearts were also next to Amy’s tattoo of Cynthia.

Amy Winehouse Hearts Tattoo

Also on her right arm, Amy had a tattoo of a pin-up girl with a fan next to her Cynthia tattoo.

Amy Winehouse Pin-up Girl With Fan Tattoo

On Amy’s inside right forearm is a tattoo of a bird with musical notes and the words… “Don’t Clip My Wings.” This tattoo is the logo on The Amy Winehouse Foundation website.

Don't Clip My Wings Tattoo

Amy also had a lightning bolt tattoo on her inner right arm, just above her wrist.

In an interview Amy said; I like it – lightening is a natural disaster!

Amy Winehouse Lightening Bolt Tattoo

Amy’s had a Hello Sailor and Anchor tattoo on her belly.

Amy Winehouse Hello Sailor Tattoo

Betty Boop is the tattoo which Amy had on her lower back. Betty Boop was the first tattoo Amy had inked.

Amy Winehouse Betty Boop Tattoo

On her back Amy had an American eagle behind a stars-and-stripes ankh tattoo.

Amy Winehouse Anhk Tattoo

On her wedding ring finger Amy has a tattoo of a heart and the letter A. Some say that the letter A is for her then boyfriend Alex Claire or it represented the Ace of Hearts.

Amy Winehouse Ace Of Hearts Tattoo
Amy Winehouse Ace Of Hearts Tattoo

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