Amy Winehouse 2006 Tour Rider

What is the Amy Winehouse 2006 tour rider?

In theatre and musical performance, a rider is a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance. Types of tour riders include hospitality and technical.

Other common tour rider requests can include: Specific foods, beverages and alcohol. Transportation, hotels, additional staff and security.

In this report from The Smoking Gun are the requests in the Amy Winehouse 2006 Tour Rider.

It probably will come as little surprise that Amy Winehouse, the frequently soused singer, is rather particular when it comes to her backstage booze demands.

The British performer requires wine, beer, and liquor in her dressing room, according to her May 2006 tour rider. The document notes in an asterisked section that the provision of a large bottle of vodka and a chilled bottle of Champagne “are a must.” And when it comes to beer, promoters better not come bearing Stella Artois or Carling.

After a show, the Winehouse party demands that three “good quality” pizzas be delivered to its tour bus. However, the rider warns, the doughy delicacies will be refused if Amy & Co. find them not up to snuff. Winehouse also needs at least two local roadies to help with load-in at each concert venue. In addition to competency, Winehouse — whose new single is “Rehab” — requests that the crew members also be “sober.”

Amy Winehouse 2006 Tour Rider

Amy Winehouse 2006 Tour Rider

Amy Winehouse 2006 Tour Rider

Amy Winehouse 2006 Tour Rider

Amy Winehouse’s 2006 tour rider was reasonable considering other notable tour rider requests can be unreasonable, as failure to meet tour rider terms can compel performance fees to be paid without a performance.

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