Blake Fielder-Civil Confesses I Did Get Amy On Hard Drugs

After time in prison and a drug overdose, Blake Fielder-Civil confesses I did get Amy on hard drugs. Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse met at a bar in Camden in 2005. Their marriage in Miami Florida took place in 2007 with only a court clerk to officiate. The couple divorced in 2009. When Amy and Blake divorced, he received no settlement.

In this report by the Sun Blake Fielder-Civil was quoted as saying: “I don’t know whether it absolves my guilt or responsibility. But it meant I didn’t kill my ex-wife.”

Blake: I did get Amy Winehouse on hard drugs

Ex-husband Fielder-Civil confesses for the first time

AMY Winehouse’s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil has finally confessed to The Sun HE got the tragic star into hard drugs.

The recovering junkie, 30 — in jail when the pop diva died a year ago after a booze bender — told of his relief an overdose did not kill her.

He said: “I don’t know whether it absolves my guilt or responsibility. But it meant I didn’t kill my ex-wife.”

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Fielder-Civil admitted: “I was the one who brought drugs into the relationship.

“When the toxicology results came back I was relieved there were no drugs in her system.”

Despite his candour, he STILL insists the Back To Black singer’s downward spiral was her own fault.

Fielder-Civil said of her drug habit: “It seems disrespectful to Amy to assume she was so impressionable she would take them without making the decision to do so herself. She was actually very strong and independent.”

He insisted it was not drugs but her boozing that was always the problem.

Fielder-Civil was in jail in Leeds in July last year when his ex died aged 27 at her home in Camden, North London.

He said: “I thought my world had ended. We were two peas in a pod.”

Unable to attend her funeral, he held a ceremony for her in his cell. Following his 14-month stretch for burglary and having a firearm he ended up in hospital from drugs and booze.

During a fortnight in a medically-induced coma, Amy came to him in VISIONS to help him pull through.

Fielder-Civil, now dad to a baby with new love Sarah Aspin, said: “Amy wanted me to live life with my boy.”

In a heartfelt interview with the Mail, Blake’s mother Georgette, was quoted as saying: “Blake is aware that he is the most hated man on Earth. He knows people blame him for Amy’s death, and it’s too much for him to cope with.

“Blake used to say to me: “My biggest crime was to fall in love with Amy. Why don’t people realise I loved her? Why am I the most hated man?”

“I’m not making excuses for my son but Amy chose her own destiny, just as Blake chose his. They never stopped loving each other and after their divorce they met secretly. If Amy were alive today I know she would be at his bedside right now.”

Blake is currently in a relationship with Sarah Aspin, who he met in rehab three years ago.

Blake and Sarah have a son Jack together, and she recently revealed she is pregnant with their second child.

You can listen to a BBC News audio interview with Mitch Winehouse here about how Blake can ‘redeem himself.’

BBC News Interview Mitch Winehouse

In this interview, Mitch Winehouse told 5 live he regrets some of the things he has written about her former partner, Blake Fielder-Civil, in his book.

Mitch Winehouse told Richard Bacon that Blake deserved another chance and called on him to help the Amy Winehouse Foundation by sharing his experiences with drugs.

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