This Amy Winehouse Art page showcases original Amy Winehouse portraits, drawings, paintings, caricatures, sketches, canvases, prints, sculptures, murals, graffiti, 3D and pop art from artists around the world.

If you’re an Amy Winehouse fan and art lover… then you’ll want to see the many different styles of amazing Amy art showcased on this page.

And to own your own special piece of Amy Winehouse Art… go down to the bottom of this page to check out the impressive Amy Winehouse artwork available on eBay for sale.

Amy Winehouse Artists From Around The World

Art By Karen White

A painting of Amy with her guitar by artist / fashion designer Karen from England

Art By Karen White Image

Art By Marie Meier

Marie is a freelance French illustrator working for the music industry and burlesque

Art By Marie Meier Image

Art Quote By Vincent van Gogh

There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people – Vincent van Gogh

Art Quote By Vincent van Gogh Image

Art By Olivier Massebeuf

Amy painting by French artist Olivier Massebeuf

Art By Olivier Massebeuf Image

Art By Fred Noland

Fred Noland is a cartoonist, illustrator and painter from Oakland California – Fred's art has a bit of everything Amy in it :)

Art By Fred Noland Image

Art By eivina-art

Amy digital art – Those eyes!

Art By eivina-art Image

Art By Jack Dowd

An Amy painting by American sculptor and painter Jack Dowd

Art By Jack Dowd Image

Art Quote By Pablo Picasso

To draw, you must close your eyes and sing – Pablo Picasso

Art Quote By Pablo Picasso Image

Art By Mario Varela Ochoa

Mario has captured Amy doing what she loved in this painting

Art By Mario Varela Ochoa Image

Art By Daniel Edwards

Memorial Portrait Amy Winehouse – The story goes that Daniel created this memorial for someone he met on Facebook.

Art By Daniel Edwards Image

Art Quote By Henry Moore

To be an artist is to believe in life – Henry Moore

Art Quote By Henry Moore ImageArt By Kelvin Okafor

Kelvin Okafor, 27 from Tottenham, North London has drawn a detailed pencil drawing of Amy Winehouse. Kelvin creates his art using black coloured pencils, graphite pencils and charcoal

Art By Kelvin Okafor Image


Amy and Pete Doherty Art


Art By Dirceu Veiga

Amy Winehouse Coffee Art

Art By Dirceu Veiga Image

To own your own special piece of Amy Winehouse Art… Check out the impressive artwork available on eBay below…

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