Get The Perfect Amy Winehouse Halloween Costume

To dress up like Amy Winehouse for Halloween or for a fancy dress party. You’ll find the perfect Amy Winehouse Halloween costume here… for just the right look.

Choosing an Amy Winehouse Halloween costume or a dress up costume is a great idea because you can create this look very easily.

To put together your Amy Winehouse Halloween costume, let’s begin with the wig…

Amy Winehouse Wigs

Amy’s high-rise beehive hair-do is unmistakable. And no Amy Winehouse Halloween costume would be complete without a beehive wig.

Amy once said: “My beehive is my secret weapon. I’m nothing without her.”

There are different styles of wigs to choose from. Select the wig that best suits your costume from the styles below.

Featured Amy Winehouse Wig

The Amy Winehouse Temporary Tattoos and Wig Halloween Costume set is currently the best value if you’re looking to buy both an Amy wig and temporary tattoo set.

Amy Tats and Wig Set
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Includes :
* Amy Winehouse Wig
* Amy Winehouse Temporary Tattoos

If you’re looking for just a beehive wig… the following wigs represent the best value.

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Amy Winehouse Long Wave Hair Wig

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* Brown diva wig

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Further Selection Of Amy Winehouse Style Wigs

Below is a selection of wigs for your costume. Simply click the left or right arrow to view each image. Click on the wig image to read more information about the wig.

Find The Latest Amy Winehouse Wigs For Sale

You can also use the link below to find the latest Amy Winehouse wigs for sale on Amazon.

Search for the latest Amy Winehouse wigs for sale


Wig Tip – Before fitting a wig, you will need to purchase a wig cap to cover your own hair… wig caps are available below.

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How To Create Your Own Beehive Hairstyle

If you already have your own long hair, you can tease your hair up into a beehive by simply following this step by step YouTube beehive video tutorial below…

Like Amy, you can also glam up your hair and beehive wig by adding accessories like a…

  • Printed scarf
  • Red flower
  • Bow
  • Big hair clip
  • Few colourful cocktail umbrellas

Amy Winehouse Wig Accessories

It wasn’t just Amy’s music that made her a celebrity, it was also her signature Black hair and 50’s beehive.

Amy Winehouse Makeup

Through all her personal ups and downs, one factor of Amy Winehouse’s style remained steady… her makeup. From her foundation, her winged black eyeliner, to her bouffant beehive hairdo and even her jewellery.

Amy Winehouse was in her own way a fashion icon who embraced the fashion style of the 50’s and 60’s and stamped her own mark on it.

Deluxe Retro Rock Star Stick On Eyeliner Amy Winehouse Accessory Makeup Kit Deluxe Retro Rock Star Stick On Eyeliner Amy Winehouse Accessory Makeup Kit
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This YouTube video tutorial is to show you how to apply Amy’s make up step by step to create her look just like a seasoned makeup artist.

Makeup Tip – Amy’s cat eyes were not a ‘flick’ it was a full-on wing that reached her brow and sometimes extended beyond it.

DIY Eyeliner

Amy Winehouse Temporary Tattoos

Amy had a collection of classic pin-up tattoos. Amy had 14 old style ink tattoos including: hello sailor, Cynthia, 2 hearts, Blake, pin-up girl with fan, lightening bolt, never clip my wings, the Ace of Hearts, an American eagle, a feather, Betty Boop, nude pin up girl and a horseshoe with the words Daddy’s girl.

As most of Amy’s shirts and dresses were sleeveless, temporary tattoos are an essential part of creating the right Amy Winehouse look.

This is the complete set of full size Amy Winehouse tattoos including:

  • Daddy’s girl
  • Topless pin-up girl
  • Never Clip My Wings
  • Cynthia
  • Blake’s pocket
  • Feather
  • Girl With Fan
  • Lightening Bolt
  • 2 Hearts
  • Hello Sailor Anchor

Additional Bonus:
This complete tattoo pack also includes a “Guide To Amy’s Tattoos” placement sheet.

Amy Winehouse Complete Set: Full Size Temporary Tattoos

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Amy Winehouse SET : (Full Size Tattoos) Temporary Tattoo

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Amy Winehouse Nails

In this image, Amy is sporting a half-moon manicure with red nail polish. If you have long fingernails paint them Red like Amy’s.

Amy Winehouse Nails

If you do not have them naturally, you can get a pack of Kiss imPRESS Combo Finger and Toe Nails by Broadway Press-On Manicure from Amazon below.

Kiss imPRESS Combo Finger and Toe Nails


Amy Winehouse Belt

A belt is the perfect Amy Winehouse accessory for your costume. Amy traditionally wore a Gold braided belt with her jeans. A wide Black belt with her dresses and skirts. Or her signature designed belt from Fred Perry.

Amy Winehouse Belt Styles
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Amy Winehouse Shoes

Like most women Amy Winehouse loved shoes.

For your Halloween costume you can choose to wear either…

Pink Ballet Slippers – Amy loved wearing her Pink ballet slippers anywhere and everywhere… in all kinds of weather. They became her trademark footwear and Amy wore them with either, a dress, a skirt, shorts or skinny leg jeans.

If you don’t own a pair of ballet slippers check out these Satin Pink Ballet flats from Dancewear Universe website.

High Heels – Amy also wore high heeled shoes by Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Jonathan Kelsey. Yet her ballet flats were never far from her feet.

Here are pictures of the styles of high heel shoes that Amy wore herself.

Amy Winehouse Shoe Styles

Amy Winehouse’s shoes were a constant source of media attention, as was her individual fashion, hair and makeup style.

Amy Winehouse Halloween Costume Props

Dressing up as Amy, the ideal Halloween costume prop would of course be a microphone.

Microphone Halloween Prop buy from

You can take along a microphone as a Halloween costume prop, just in case you want to sing a classic Amy song for a trick or treat. If you’re hosting or going to a Halloween party a microphone could be just the prop you need for a Karaoke style sing-a-long.

Amy Winehouse Costume Ideas

Amy Winehouse Brit Awards Costume

Do you want to wear clothes like Amy wore on stage at the Brit Awards? Then this Amy Winehouse costume kit is ideal.

This 3 piece costume kit includes: A tartan and leopard print dress with a zip back. A Black belt with a Silver metal buckle. Plus a matching tartan hair tie in the shape of a flower.

The manufacturers measurement guidelines are as follows: USA 10-12, Bust 37-38.5″, Waist 29-30.5″, Hips 39.5-41.”

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**Please Note – Microphone, tights, wig and shoes are NOT included in this 3 pc kit.

How To Put Together Your Own Amy Winehouse Halloween Costume

One way to create your celebrity Halloween costume is to wear what’s already in your closet.

You can choose either a casual or dressed up style costume from the costume ideas below.

You will need a…

  • 50’s style belt
  • Pair of cut off or skinny legged jeans
  • Colourful lacy bra (Amy was a big Agent Provocateur fan)
  • White or plain colour tank top
  • A pair of Pink Ballet flats, slippers or loafers
  • Pair of high heeled shoes
  • 50’s knee length or above style dress with short or no sleeves

To complete your iconic Amy Winehouse look. Simply add your Amy Winehouse Black beehive wig and cat eye Black eyeliner to complete your celebrity costume.

Here are some ideas for additional accessories to complete your Amy Winehouse look…

  • Add a Marilyn Munroe piercing above your lip by sticking on a small temporary crystal
  • Wear pink or red lipstick
  • Wear large gold or coloured hoop earrings
  • Wear several gold chain necklaces
  • Wear a religious cross
  • Wear temporary Amy Winehouse tattoos

Halloween Costume Ideas

Many fans will emulate Amy’s iconic fashion style for Halloween. Amy Winehouse is an instantly recognizable character and her trademark fashion style will guarantee to turn heads.

Have fun and happy Halloween!

We hope you've found how to Get The Perfect Amy Winehouse Halloween Costume tips and ideas helpful.

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