Play Guitar Like Amy Winehouse

Are you wanting to play guitar like Amy Winehouse?

Jamorama is different. Jamorama was designed to eliminate the confusion of “where to begin” to build a solid foundation of essential guitar skills.

Jamorama Guitar Lessons

Playing guitar means mastering many different skills. Many players are stuck at an average level of proficiency because they are trying to learn the traditional way. This can work but many people need a different approach.

Jamorama offers that different approach. It helps you move beyond basic guitar skills in a way that is fun and quick. You will find new ways of learning that will help you understand theory and overcome the hang-ups or barriers that can prevent you from progressing to more advanced techniques.

The program comes with a collection of ebooks, videos and pre-recorded pieces of music that you can play along with in order to cement your understanding of guitar theory. It also includes bonus material that will help you learn to read music more easily, a metronome and additional ebooks covering tuning, ear training, riffs and chord progression.

Jamorama is the leading provider of guitar courses online and is trusted by 200,000+ students.

Jamorama Media

You can play guitar just like Amy Winehouse with the best step-by-step guitar tutorial Jamorama here.

Play Guitar Like Amy Winehouse

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