Amy Winehouse 2007 Norway Interview – WARNING Explicit Language Used.

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Amy Winehouse 2007 Norway interview takes place in a hotel room while Amy is on tour.

In this video interview, the first question Amy is asked is — is this how she lives these days? Amy say, she pretty much lives in a shitty hotel rooms. Amy is asked if she listens to music while on tour. Amy replies with her wicked sense of humour that she doesn’t — rather she drinks a lot and abuses people.

Amy goes on to say she actually does listen to music when on tour and one of her choices is Mos Def. Amy really likes hip hop music and if Amy needs to get her game face on – hip hop is her choice of music. Amy also describes Jazz as her secret poison.

Amy also tells the story of how listening to Jazz by musician Soweto Kinch would put her then boyfriend Tyler to sleep after finishing a tour. Having learnt to sing by listening to singers, Amy listens to Aretha Franklin but doesn’t too much because Amy doesn’t want to do stuff like Aretha does because Amy would prefer to create her own style.

The last thing Amy mentions in this video interview is… “If I was on a desert island and had only these artists to listen to,” Amy said she would die a happy woman.

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