Amy Winehouse And Carolyn Stewart Interview

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In this Amy Winehouse and Carolyn Stewart interview, Amy performs 2 of her songs live in the studio.

Also in this interview Amy talks about how her Frank album songs were written from personal experience from things that really happened and how Amy felt about them exactly at the time.

As an example, the Take The Box lyrics were about the first time Amy split up with a guy she had been going out with on and off for about a year.

Amy said that Take The Box came out of nowhere. At the time Amy was in this place where she was blissfully happy with him, but Amy wasn’t ready to give her all emotional to someone, as she was just a kid and he was 7 years older than her.

At the time, Amy felt pretty messed up so all Amy could do was put his stuff in a box and put it in the middle of his kitchen floor and run out.

During this audio interview Amy plays live I Heard Love Is Blind on her guitar, which Amy calls ‘Baby.’ Amy’s calls her guitar ‘Baby’ because it’s a baby Taylor guitar.

Amy then talks about The Brit Awards. Amy was nominated for Best Female and Best Urban Act at the 2004 Brit Awards before Amy plays a live version of another of her Frank album songs You Sent Me Flying.

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