Amy Winehouse And Tyler James

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This YouTube video is Amy Winehouse and Tyler James walking the streets of Camden. Amy and Tyler are at the Good Mixer pub where Amy is seen with a pool cue before kissing a friend goodbye.

As they walk along the street followed by Amy’s security guy, cheeky Amy is heard to say — “Where’s your wife, where’s your wife, she can’t cook, she can’t cook” before walking off into the night.

Tyler James grew up in Canning Town, East London, but moved to Camden Town, North London in his late teens. Tyler met Amy Winehouse at the age of 13, when they both trained at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. After briefly dating, they became best friends.

In 2005, after losing his record deal, Tyler developed an alcohol addiction and was admitted to rehab. He managed to beat his demons and then dedicated his life to helping Amy Winehouse beat hers.

The pair were inseparable until Amy Winehouse’s death in July 2011.

Tyler appeared as a contestant on the first series of The Voice UK—finishing as the series runner-up behind Leanne Mitchell. Tyler recently released his first single “Single Tear” from his latest album “A Place I Go.”

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