Amy Winehouse Getting Fish And Chips

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This YouTube video is Amy Winehouse getting fish and chips from her favourite Camden fish and chip shop the Royal Catch.

When Amy gets back home from getting her fish and chips, two young skateboarding fans come to Amy’s door.

One of the kids asks Amy if she got her fish and chips at the Royal Catch and tells Amy that his Mum owns the shop. Amy says that the Royal Catch are the best fish and chips in Camden.

Amy suggests signing his skateboard and Amy also signs her name on his friends skateboard. The kids ask Amy for a picture, so Amy gets in the middle of the kids and cheekily pokes her tongue out while their photo is being taken.

Amy then looks for her dinner before returning the pen to the kids and then goes inside her home.

Proudly, both the kids show their skateboards with Amy’s signature on them to the paps.

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