Amy Winehouse Making Her Back To Black Video

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This YouTube video is Amy Winehouse making her Back To Black video.

The music video was directed by Phil Griffin and features a funeral procession in which Amy Winehouse mourns over a grave that reads “Here Lies The Heart Of Amy Winehouse.” The shot of the headstone was edited out after the Amy’s death in 2011.

The video was primarily shot nearby Gibson Gardens and Chesholm Road in Stoke Newington, London. The graveyard scenes were filmed at Abney Park Cemetery nearby London.

Amy’s Back To Black video is both beautifully and artistically shot in black and white and compares in imagery a doomed love affair with that of a funeral.

Back To Black was released on 30 April 2007 as the title track and third single from her second studio album Back to Black.

Back To Black was written by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson. Mark Ronson also produced Back To Black.

You can watch an acoustic version of Back to Black by Amy Winehouse here.

The Back To Black song lyrics are here.

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