Amy Winehouse MTV New York Interview May 2007

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This YouTube video is an extended Amy Winehouse MTV New York interview in May 2007.

While Amy chews her gum and blows bubbles. The interviewer asks Amy when she first started getting into music was it a dream to come out and break it in America. The making of her music and her album with Salaam Remi and Mark Ronson and did Amy know that she was onto something big in the final master. Amy also discusses why she chose to work with both Salaam and Mark in the making of her latest album.

Amy’s image is discussed and how it compares with the polished look of artists like: Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Shakira.

Amy is asked what song she likes to perform as she is going on stage after this interview. Amy goes on to say that she is just a musician and makes music that she would like to hear.

The interviewer then surprises Amy with a press conference announcement from Prince about his upcoming tour and the one artist that he would like to perform with.

Amy is asked if it’s more nerve racking doing festivals or big TV show. Amy is asked about touring and leaving family behind back in London before talking about the making of her next album.

Being in or writing a song for a James Bond movie is discussed and how hands on Amy is with everything in her career before finishing the interview with where Amy is going to next and how she is looking forward to seeing her dad, plus who Amy would like to work with and whose music Amy grew up listening too.

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