Amy Winehouse Much Music Interview May 2007

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This Youtube video is the Amy Winehouse Much Music Interview May 2007.

Before the interview, Hannah Simone introduces Amy Winehouse by saying that Amy has had a roller coaster year before hitting the big time with the release of her new Back To Black album.

The constant scrutiny from the press about her drinking, her wild ways and how at the end of the day why she doesn’t give a damn what people think about her.

The interview begins with Amy being asked… if she finds it a risk putting so much of herself out there… or can she not do it any other way.

The next question Amy is asked is… with all the press and the touring do you ever reach a breaking point and does Amy wish people would focus more on the music than the stories.

The interviewer the asks Amy… was she taken back that a record so infused with jazz and soul would be so successful and resonate with so many people.

The subject of Prince is brought up and the interviewer asks Amy… if she had heard that Prince was a big fan.

The interview finishing with the question… what’s the point of being so forth right in the lyrics of her songs.

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