Amy Winehouse Sings Tears Dry On Their Own Live

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This video is Amy Winehouse singing Tears Dry On Their Own Live in 2007 at one of the biggest rock festivals in Europe.

Rock Werchter is a Belgian annual music festival held in the village of Werchter, near Leuven, since 1973. It is one of the five biggest annual rock music festivals in Europe. The other four being Exit, Sziget Festival, the Glastonbury Festival and Roskilde Festival.

The festival started off as a one-day event in 1974, became a two-day festival in 1996, a 3-day festival in 2000, and has been a 4-day festival since 2003.

The Rock Werchter festival takes place the first weekend of the summer vacation in Belgium — from Thursday 28 June to Sunday 1 July in Werchter.

Other artist who have appeared at the Rock Werchter festival include: David Bowie, U2, Linkin Park, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay and Metallica.

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