Amy Winehouse Sings We’re Still Friends

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Amy Winehouse sings We’re Still Friends on this YouTube video. We’re Still Friends was recorded by one of Amy’s idols Donny Hathaway. We’re Still Friends is on Donny’s 1972 album LIVE.

Donny Hathaway was an American soul singer-songwriter and musician. Doony Hathaway achieved his greatest commercial success as Roberta Flack’s duet partner of choice, but sadly he’s equally remembered for the tragic circumstances of his death — an apparent suicide at age 33.

Here are the We’re Still Friends song lyrics as sung by Amy

Ain’t it wonderful, that you’ve… that you’ve found a friend
Because though we change in our endeavours
Still we… still we have some things in common
Now ain’t it strange… it’s strange and wonderful
That we… we’re still friends
Yeh… we’re still friends

Through my heart… we never parted
But through our living… was friends… was friends as friends do talk
And the way we are when we’re together
Let’s us both know that we still, love one another
Ain’t it strange and wonderful
That we… that we… we’re still friends, yeah
We’re still friends
We’re still friends
We’re still friends

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