Amy Winehouse Tiscali Interview

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This YouTube video is an exclusive Amy Winehouse Tiscali interview.

This September 2006 interview with Amy Winehouse was just prior to the release of her Back To Black album.

The interview begins with Amy being asked by the Tiscali Showcase interviewer to talk about her new Back To Black album and why Amy choose to record the album in a certain musical style.

The interviewer mentions that Amy looks quite 50’s with her hairstyle and does Amy intend to keep that particular style for her next album.

The interviewer asks Amy about her new boyfriend, George Michael and which track is her favourite from her new album.

The interview finishes with Amy’s opinion of the importance of the Internet for artists and what’s coming up after the release of her new album.

You can watch the Tiscali acoustic version of Back To Black by Amy Winehouse here.

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