Back To Black Covered By Ronnie Spector

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From the start till the 2.25 mark, this video is Back To Black covered by Veronica Bennett who was later known as Ronnie Spector from the 60’s girl group The Ronettes.

From Manhatten, New York, The Ronettes had hit singles including: Be My Baby, The Best Part Of Breaking Up, Walking In The Rain and Baby, I Love You.

In a July 2011 Rolling Stone interview, Ronnie Spector was quoted as saying: “Amy came to my show in London about six months ago, and she was so shy. She was hiding behind somebody, but I could see the hairstyle, and I knew she was there. That was all I needed. When I sang ‘Back To Black,’ I could see the tears in her eyes, and there were tears in mine.” – Ronnie Spector

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