Black Heart Jewel By Emanuele Rubini Dedicated To Amy Winehouse

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Italian sculptor Emanuele Rubini dedicates his first jewel “Black Heart” to Amy Winehouse.

Black Heart Jewel Emanuele Rubini

About: “Black Heart” jewel necklace by Italian sculptor Emanuele Rubini

“Black Heart” marble Black Belgium mm. 48x36x18 weight 28 grams.

Sculptor Emanuele Rubini

About: Emanuele Rubini

Emanuele Rubini is a self-taught sculptor who has worked with the marble since 1997. He participate at Italian and International Simposia and important solo and group exhibitions in Italy. His monumental works are in public and private collections in Italy.

The artworks of small and medium size are in private collections in Italy, Spain, Germany, Lichtenstein, England, United States. Born in Puglia, now he live and work in Carrara in Tuscany.

Emanuele Rubini is a Member of Italian Association of Sculptors and the International Sculptor Centre in New Jersey, US.

Emanuele Rubini has created over 400 sculptures and now his “Black Heart” jewel necklace which is dedicated to the late jazz singer songwriter Amy Winehouse makes Emanuele’s sculptors total 401.

Black Heart Jewel Dedicated To Amy Winehouse

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