British Queens Of Pop

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This YouTube video British Queens Of Pop is a celebration of 6 female artists who have spanned three decades from post punk to the X Factor.

Meet the next generation of British Queens Of Pop from Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet, Kylie Minogue, Geri Halliwell, Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis.

The Amy Winehouse segment of this video begins at the 39.34 time.

Parts of this video include…

Calvin Harris songwriter and producer talks about how Amy just projects this soul onto you.

Lily Allen says first and foremost that Amy was an incredible talented genius songwriter.

Amy herself talks about her personal music while Mitch Winehouse goes on to talk about Amy’s passion for music and the way Amy imparts a song like Frank Sinatra.

Amy’s first manager Nick Godwyn speaks about the first time he met Amy and how she broke a string on her guitar and how Amy said she would sing when her guitar was fixed. Amy does go on to sing for Nick and Nick says that Amy’s voice was nothing like he had ever heard before.

Nick Godwyn also talks about when Amy met Blake Fielder–Civil in 2005 and how there was something else now in her life, as well as the possibility of Amy getting some help and rehab. Amy goes on to talk about her Back To Black album how she went back to black, tunnels and drinking to much and being a massive depressive.

Songwriter Paul Duffy talks about when Amy listened to I Can Never Go Home Anymore by the Shangri La’s for a whole year and how it was completely feasible if you knew Amy.

Journalist Mark Frith also talks about how Amy is for real and nothing about music and fame was going to modify Amy. The Amy Winehouse segment of this YouTube video finishes with Nick Godwyn saying that if Amy wants to make a record or sing… we’ll just have to wait.

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