Dr Phil Talking To Duff McKagan

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This interview is Dr Phil talking to Duff McKagan, bassist and one of the founding members of rock band Guns N’ Roses.

Duff McKagan has written about alcohol and drugs and how he kicked his substance addiction in his book titled: It’s So Easy And Other Lies.

During this interview Duff talks about his journey, his introduction to drugs at a young age and the amount of substance he was consuming plus the effects it had on his body.

The doctors told Duff he was given a second chance after his pancreas burst.

His first panic / anxiety attack and what brought on his attacks. Duff believes his panic attacks were brought on because of his fathers extra-marital affairs which he kept hidden to protect his mum. This is a similar situation which happened in Amy Winehouse’s family life.

Duff goes on to talk about his desperation after his family tried to stage an intervention. He ran away to LA and found himself in his closet with a shot gun… desperate, scared and alone.

When Duff’s mother [who has Parkinsons disease] came into the hospital in a wheelchair — it was the turning point for Duff as he screwed everything up and he had let his Mum down. He turned things around!

Dr Phil asks Duff “Why is there not anybody in their life who is not a “Yes Man” that would step up and say ‘hey your killing yourself’ and was there anyone in Duff’s life stepping up and saying this.”

Duff said “Yes his whole family but he was touring the world and was away from all of that.”

Dr Phil goes on to ask: “What about managers, PR people, handlers, friends on the road — did nobody step up and say I’m not going to let you kill yourself.”

Duff’s said “His band mates were the best people he had around him but everyone had their own issues to deal with and you’re kinda left to your own devices to curb yourself.”

Richard Ayoub from Rumorfix is introduced by Dr Phil to talk about celebrities and this aspect of addiction and people who don’t step up and help them.

Sly former lead singer of Sly And The Family Stone is shown on video during the interview about going into rehab himself and how he’s living in a run down van while dealing with drugs.

Both Sly and Duff wonder if they can play music when they’re sober and it’s a big fear.

Dr Phil refers to the 27 Club where Richard explains how each of the members of the 27 Club passed and more recently Amy Winehouse.

The Seattle Weekly asked Duff to write an obituary for Amy Winehouse and he did.

The interview finishes with Duff saying “That it really does come down to you and you’ve got to want to be sober.”

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