He Can Only Hold Her Live SXSW

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Hardknock.tv recording of Amy Winehouse singing He Can Only Hold Her – Doo Wop (That Thing) live at SXSW.

The description written for this video is a great story in itself.

Whoever wrote this after seeing Amy at SXSW is now [if they weren’t before] a fan of Amy Winehouse.

Video description…

I have been fortunate enough to watch many shows in my life time but there was something about watching Amy for the first time right before she blew up that I will always remember.

Amy was the buzz of SXSW that year and I thought going in that there was no way she was going to live up to all that hype but as soon as she started singing I knew she was the real thing. She wasn’t one of these cookie cutter artists that a label built, she was raw and her voice reminded me of Billie Holiday.

The other thing that stood out to me were her eyes. I remember making eye contact a couple times and freezing up both times, similarly to the way I have heard people describe when they met Prince.

There were some memorable shows at SXSW that year but the only thing I could talk about when I got back to LA was how amazing this soul singer Amy Winehouse was.

Amy, Thank You for sharing your voice and soul with the world. You will be missed! Rest in Peace

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