Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures Story

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Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures album


Salaam Remi
Mark Ronson
Paul O’Duffy

In this Youtube video, producer Salaam Remi, talks about how he wanted people to hear Amy’s music rather than it just sitting on a hard drive somewhere. Salaam also talks about how theraputic making this album was, to get past the fact that Amy Winehouse was no longer with us.

Producers, Mark Ronson and Paul O’Duffy also contribute to the stories behind each of the songs on Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album – Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

Here are excerpts from the Amy Winehouse – Hidden Treasures Story


Halftime was originally recorded for the Frank album but it never made it onto the album. Salaam explains that Halftime the song, the vocal and form was Amy at her pure genius.

Best Friends

Best friends was recorded for the Frank album and there was an acoustic version bouncing around as well. Around the time of Frank, Amy would open her show with Best Friends because of the way the intro was with the horns.

Salaam said he never knew what to expect with Amy, but I felt like it was big. I felt like it was anything that was classic and timeless. She wasn’t just some girl who showed up with her hairdo and could sing a bit, Amy was actually a musician, a writer and she put her songs into form.

Body And Soul

Since Body and Soul was the last song Amy recorded with Tony Bennett, Salaam says, it only made sense for it to be on the record as part of her story.

A Song For You

Salaam goes on to talk about how “A Song For You” was recorded in Amy’s house between their trips to St Lucia. Salaam talks about how before they could even get the mikes set up, Amy picked up her guitar and started singing the song. Luckily, Salaam’s engineeer pushed the record button and captured pretty much Amy having an at home moment.

Sitting down and singing “A Song For You” into a mike while going throught the chords and figuring the song out as she sang it. Salaam said the lyrics of the song were that strong, Amy ended up weeping. By the time Amy had finished the song her makeup was running down her face.

With Amy, she was a comedian and very witty and Salaam wants people to recognise how brillant Amy Winehouse was as a writer and lyricist.

Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures album Goes To #1

The singer’s posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures has hit the top of the UK album charts more than four months after her death.

After hearing the news Amy’s dad Mitch took to his Twitter page to share his pride at its success.

He wrote: ‘Just been told, Amy at Number One. My heart is sad but bursting with pride.’

He wrote, ‘140,000 sold = £140,000 to (the) foundation in one day. Well done baby.’

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