Married To Amy Winehouse Interview

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This video is Married To Amy Winehouse Blake Fielder-Civil’s exclusive interview on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Blake’s mum Georgette is interviewed first by Jeremy Kyle. A replay of a previous interview between Georgette and Jeremy is shown when Georgette was extremely concerned about Blake’s wellbeing.

During their first interview Jeremy asks Georgette to pass a message onto Blake to go on his show to talk as candidly as his mum did.

During the interview Blake Fielder-Civil opens up about where he and Amy first met, his drug taking before meeting Amy and the times Amy and Blake took drugs together during their relationship. Blake talks about his marriage to Amy and the story behind those photo’s of Amy and Blake in public after a fight.

Blake talks about how his family and Amy’s Dad suggest they get a divorce, his time in rehab, Amy’s seizures, his time in prison, his reaction to being told about Amy’s death and his near fatal overdose after being released from prison.

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