My Daughter Amy By Mitch Winehouse

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In this My Daughter Amy documentary by Mitch Winehouse begins the documentary watching a video of Amy as a baby.

Mitch says while watching the video, “that’s Amy,” look at those beautiful eyes. She would look at me when she was a little baby and I remember looking at her and thinking there was something about you that is different. She was just too astute and she had been here before.

Mitch goes on to say, “And who would have guessed how it would have all turned out. But one thing he would have never imaged was that his little girl would go through the hell of drug addiction.”

“Everyone thinks they know our story – guess what? You don’t!”

Mitch and Janis Winehouse also talk openly about the consequences of their daughter’s superstardom, and the issues that an ordinary family in extraordinary circumstances faces, dealing with tabloid scrutiny and addiction.

Mitch states that one of the things that helped him through Amy’s addiction, was listening to other parents who have gone through similar experiences.

While Amy was battling with her own addictions, Mitch himself needed to see a Harley St specialist to cope with his own emotions because he felt he was is in a war zone. He needed to vent his emotions every now and again both positive and negative.

In August 2009, Mitch and his best mate head to St Lucia to visit with Amy. Amy is in St Lucia on drug replacement therapy. Mitch says he is always a bit nervous when he goes to visit Amy because he never knows what he is going to find.

During the making of this documentary, Mitch also admits that being in denial about Amy’s drinking was his way of coping. Mitch wanted people to know what they are going through as a family but how does he do that and protect Amy at the same time.

So after nine months recovering in St Lucia, Amy is coming home and Amy wants to move back to Camden and Mitch is house hunter for her. On her return home from St Lucia, Amy faced court on an alleged assault charge where she was found not guilty.

The documentary ends with Mitch celebrating his 59th birthday with all the Winehouse’s back together again. And for the first time in 2 years Mitch is feeling good about the future.

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