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This vote for Femi Temowo MOBO Award YouTube video is to support Femi for his MOBO Best Jazz Act 2012 nomination.

Femi Temowo is a Nigerian-born British jazz guitarist, musical director, producer and broadcaster described by Time Out Magazine as ‘one of Europe’s finest and most sought after guitarists.”

Femi Temowo was Amy Winehouse’s musical director in the early days of her musical career.

On this Vote For Femi Temowo video…

Simon Cooke — Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club Managing Director, explains Femi does the late shows at the Jazz club. Simon Cooke says Femi is one of Ronnie’s guys and a friend of the house. Simon Cooke believes Femi deserves recognition and is a worthy winner.

Soweto Kinch — MOBO Best Jazz Act 2003, 2007, says Femi Temowo is definitely one of the most respected musicians I can think of in our circle.

Muyiwa Olarewaju — singer, songwriter, broadcaster, says Femi lights up an audience. Showing a “Smile” Muyiwa explains that this is Femi’s constant state on the guitar.

Darcus Besse — Co-president of Island Records, believes the magnet was that Amy and Femi spoke the same language. As a human being in the first instance he is amazing, as a musician and musical director he is absolutely fantastic.

Darcus Besse will be utilizing his vote in the Jazz category to vote for Femi Temowo.

You have until the end of October to vote — but don’t wait till then to vote for Femi.

Here is the link to vote for Femi Temowo MOBO Award for Jazz Artist 2012.

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Filmed and edited by Alexander Rollings

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