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Would you like to write songs like Amy Winehouse?

Superior Songwriting was designed so you can master and capture your thoughts and opinions in the art of a song.

Superior Songwriting

Songwriting is a craft, and while some people begin with better natural talent than others, it’ll only get you so far. But you’ll maximize your chances of success by mastering the set of core songwriting skills that I’m going to teach you.

A song is a catalyst for all sorts of emotions: love, rage, regret, grief, happiness, contentment, nostalgia. Songs encompass the entirety of life’s experiences – the joy of personal love, heartbreak at losing it, social outrage, loneliness, patriotism, comradeship, happiness, despair.

A good song not only expresses the thoughts and opinions of the songwriter about the subject matter of the song, but also evokes the full spectrum of associated emotions in the listener.

Listening to music is a visceral and intensely emotional experience for us all. A song epitomizes the most intense experiences that life has to offer us in just a few minutes of listening time. It both simplifies and intensifies the experience for the listener.

Superior Songwriting includes…

Everything you need to know about Rhyme. There’s just something eminently satisfying about listening to a song with a polished rhyme – it sounds finished.

Stuck for song ideas? I show you where to find them! You’ll soon be capturing great stories and insights to tell in your lyrics, melodies and rhythm.

Powerful advice on how to use melody to add strength and meaning to your songs.

How to sell your songs and much more…

Superior Songwriting “The Ultimate Guide To Writing And Selling Your Songs” by Singorama is the fastest growing, comprehensive learn to write songs programs available online.

Superior Songwriting

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Write Songs Like Amy Winehouse

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